Male Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

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Male Alcoholism and Drug Treatment

While information about the treatment of drugs and alcohol addiction, and addiction as a disease, is offered through the program at Skyland Ranch, we are not a primary treatment provider. We have come to know that without some sense of spirituality, however, the addict or alcoholic, is doomed to continue practicing his disease.

AA Meetings our a staple of life at the ranch

The basic philosophy by which we live is the you cannot THINK yourself into a new way of living, you must LIVE yourself into a new way of thinking. By LIVING a life where the existence of a "Higher Power" is assumed, the addict and alcoholic is able to get in touch with feelings which have been long buried. We have come to know that maintaining these unexplored feelings is the cause of multiple relapses.

The fact that we are well below the cost of other programs is not an indication of a lessor quality. We are unique in that we offer two separate enterprises symbiotically. We are fond of saying that "the horses take care of the residents and the residents take care of the horses." The monies from the dude stable goes into the general fund to keep the cost of residency low.

This year the ranch also converted to a 501(c)(3) corporation and as such are able to offer tax deductions to those who donate monies, or "in kind" property and services. A significant number of parents of past residents have come forward in this way to help us keep the program affordable.

The current tuition for residency at Skyland is $4,700 per month. We also offer a 90 day stay option at $12,000

There is a required emergency fund of $350.00 maintained for special needs. If this fund is tapped for any reason, the sponsoring person is required to deposit funds to keep the balance at $350.00.

We suggest a monthly stipend of $250.00 for sundries, tobacco and other small necessities.

When the resident first arrives, it may be necessary to purchase specialized clothing due to the nature of the weather and outdoor activities which are our daily fare. One such item would be riding boots, which are a safety requirement. That expense will be discussed with each sponsoring person when appropriate.