Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Center, Living Drug Free

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David R Pitkin J.D.

Ranch Operations
Christine Pitkin

Counseling Services
Bill Kohlmeyer, M.S.W., C.D.S.

Douglas McKay, BS MBA

Horse Operations
K.C. Letterman

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program

Living and Working drug free at the ranch

Our program consists of providing a structured living environment of interdependence with other residents and "support team" whereby the resident is able to set and follow through with individual goals. We attend multiple meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, both on and off site, for the discussion of addiction and living issues. The heart of the program is to allow the resident to be part of something larger than himself.

Skyland Ranch is a fully functioning horse ranch. We have significant dealings with the public. We work together in the operation of the corral and "dude" business. The animals require feeding, training and health care. This environment helps in the creation of an attitude of responsibility. It allows the giving and receiving of unconditional love. It requires that the resident allow for the personality and character defects in newly arrived residents that result from a lifestyle of drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

We have been successfully engaged in this "horse therapy" since 1987. We have learned over the years that the very nature of horses is healing in some significant ways. Horses are dependent creatures that respond openly to care and friendship. They do not know how to be dishonest. As prey animals, they are timid in the face of uncontrolled emotions by the person with whom they are dealing. A new resident is often heard to say, "my horse hates me." Our response is "that he, or she, does not hate you but hates your attitude. Treat him with kindness and respect and you will notice a difference." When the resident is able to control his emotions, the rewards are immediate.