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PO Box 550
43100 Reiter Road
Gold Bar, WA 98251

David R Pitkin J.D.

Ranch Operations
Christine Pitkin

Counseling Services
Bill Kohlmeyer, M.S.W., C.D.S.

Douglas McKay, BS MBA

Horse Operations
K.C. Letterman

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Horse Rental Reservations Please Call (360) 793-2611

Hourly Horse Rental

SKYLAND RANCH is also a facility where you are able to rent horses all year except on Tuesdays. We are open for rental during daylight hours. The cost is $30.00 per hour per horse.

washington horse rentalWe also do MOON LIGHT RIDES on the night of the FULL MOON and on the Friday and Saturday BEFORE the full moon each month. We gather at the ranch 2 hours before sunset. (This time, of course, changes each month.) We travel to an overlook where we are able to see both East and West, arriving just as the sun goes down. A hearty meal is served around a bonfire. We then return to the ranch by moonlight.

The cost is $75.00 per person. To engage in a moonlight ride, send us a $10.00 check with the words moonlight ride and the date requested.. We take the first 10 checks. If yours is too late, we will return it to you or negotiate a different date for your ride.
Temporarily suspended by DNR.

The ranch offers lessons, horse boarding, horse training and just about anything else you would like to do horseback. (We have had many birthday parties and several weddings. One such wedding involved the bride, groom and the preacher arriving on paint horses.)

The phone number for reservations or more information is