Drug addiction rehabilitation begins by getting honest. The basic philosophy by which we live is that you cannot THINK yourself into a new way of living, you must LIVE yourself into a new way of thinking. By LIVING a life based on spiritual principles, the addict and alcoholic is able to get in touch with feelings which have been long buried. We have come to know that maintaining these unexplored feelings is the cause of multiple relapses.

When you first arrive at the ranch we start drug addiction rehabilitation via a blackout period that allows for you to take a breather, restart your foundation, and work towards new habits, routines, and resetting fundamental life skills as well as learning new ones. 

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings are a staple of life at the ranch. Our drug addiction rehabilitation program offers a lifestyle with substantially more structure than a “halfway house” or “outpatient treatment” program. With this framework, you’ll also be provided with the basic life skills needed to maintain boundaries and understand how to negotiate and compromise which are a part of daily life.

While information about drug addiction rehabilitation and alcohol addiction, and addiction as a disease, is offered through the program at Skyland Ranch, we are not a primary treatment provider. Over the years many have come to us with no other treatment experience and have achieved long term sobriety.

We have come to know that without some sense of spirituality; however, the addict or alcoholic is doomed to continue practicing his disease.  The impact of this magnificent setting with the forests that surround us, the mountains that surround us and the sound of the white water river that lulls us to sleep at night provide an environment where the presence of Spirit is everywhere and unavoidable.

The ranch is not sponsored by any organized religious group.  If a resident wishes to attend services in the community we make sure that happens.  We offer sweat lodges on the ranch that heal the body and soul for those who wish to participate.

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