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Our main purpose is to offer this recovery tool at a price affordable to families who are not covered by health insurance.  Our program is truly unique, drawing from years of addiction experience and lifetimes of happiness found in recovery.  We have incorporated the most proven elements of other expensive programs and added the essential, time.  In order to produce a lasting change and a new life of freedom in sobriety we find the element of extended time to be indispensable. 

Monthly resident tuition is $4,900 USD. There is a required emergency fund of $350 USD maintained for special needs, i.e. unexpected medical needs. If this fund is tapped for any reason, the sponsoring person is required to deposit funds to keep the balance at $350 USD.

We suggest a minimum monthly stipend of $250 for sundries, tobacco, and other small necessities. All items are purchased at retail value. If bulk purchases are required to maximize budget, please ask in advance what options might be available.

When the resident first arrives, it may be necessary to purchase specialized clothing due to the nature of the weather and outdoor activities which are our daily fare. One such item would be riding boots which vary depending on individual needs, which are a safety requirement. That expense will be discussed with each sponsoring person when appropriate.

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