Program principles

Horses are naturally empathetic animals with the natural born ability to become healers and therapists for humans. As bonds with horses grow, so does trust, affection, and respect.

In the depths of addiction we lose ourselves from within. We tend to become self-centered and focused on feeding our addiction and how to obtain our next fix. We numb ourselves seeking what will give us the instant gratification and end-up falling into a dark, depression filled, defeated place where we lack confidence and self-esteem in ourselves.

When you seek the company of horses and you feed your soul with powerful moments of positivity, love and bonding, it truly does something amazing for the human soul. A horse feels and feeds of a person’s feelings, attitude, and body language. In caring for these horses you learn to care for something outside of yourself in an environment that bring peace to the mind during recovery.


Sobriety is more than simply being sober. Sobriety is overcoming the depths of addiction. It is changing the old lifestyle you once lived, allowing you to learn how to become a happier, healthier person with new lifestyle choices and a new way of living.

“You can’t think yourself into a new way of living
but instead you have to live your way into a new way of thinking.”

~Richard Rohr

Sobriety is enjoying the little things as well as the big things. It is about growing your spirit and nurturing your soul. We believe in a process of healing that is inspiring to others and allowing individuals the opportunity to give back while re-build your foundation!


In addiction, often accountability is lost. We are no longer accountable to our family, our friends, and to our own well-being. Taking care of an animal allows you to think outside of yourself. It requires you to hone in on the ability to look beyond just your own needs, your own care, and your own well-being. It helps you rebuild the skills needed to strengthen your bonds with loved ones, family and friends.

 Holding yourself accountable to your horse is important. Horses depend on people to care for them and provide them the TLC they need. By getting the responsibility to take care of these horses, it allows a unique opportunity for growth – ability to repair self-esteem, confidence and respect. This in turn allows personal growth to blossom from within.

Goal setting

Each resident sets out on their new journey, by taking a first step. Our goal is to work with each resident on setting personal and recovery goals. We have found that setting goals to achieve new day-to-day life skills and new goals with their horse all work together to empower them to reach each milestone, demonstrating that success in this journey is obtainable and achievable, just as it is with recovery. 

Work ethic & projects

Skyland Ranch is a working ranch. It is also a place where people learn to grow and nurture good work ethic daily. Each day starts by achieving the simple goal of a clean room and a made bed. Additional goals are set to be achievable, allowing each resident to positively grow and develop.

Our community living environment allows each resident to play a part and show his individual importance. Each person assists in cleaning the house well as various duties both off and on the ranch. All will work together on animal health duties, assisting with trail rides, working on projects like cutting firewood, hay unloading, and more.

Each resident is provided with ample focus time to invest in step work, riding and bonding with their horse, working on other personal goals, etc.

The Ranch is a conglomerate of ideas from residents past and present. We encourage creativity and growth in ideas from all whom reside here. Some have built trails that they get to name. Others helped with numerous projects to leave their individual mark. We believe that this unique opportunity allows each individual to see the benefits of their productivity, growth, and reflection of each day.