Skyland Ranch and the Justice System

We regularly report to probation officers or courts if requested. While court systems do not commit residents to the ranch; often a resident might be required to be monitored. We also are a “community service” outlet for many jurisdictions, i.e., King, Pierce and Snohomish counties locally, and for foreign jurisdictions where required.

While the primary function of Skyland Ranch is that of a therapeutic residence, providing long term care, we sometimes are called upon to serve those struggling within the criminal justice system as a result of their abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Alcoholism and drug addiction seem to go hand in hand with the courts and probation system for a majority of young men caught in an ever expanding cycle of trouble with society. Because of Dave Pitkin, Founder of Skyland Ranch, experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney and judge, we are uniquely able to deal with courts and probation officers from around the country. While courts do not “commit” residents to the ranch per se, we often cooperate with them in monitoring and reporting on a regular basis where required.

In several instances we’ve made a difference in the outcomes of several residents in a variety of situations.

Skyland Ranch is also involved in various community projects.

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