Meet our therapists

In life we all make mistakes. Our horses are forgiving and ready to partner. Our herd has been built with new and more advanced riders in mind.


Call or email to sponsor me Meet Blaze! He came to us just over a year ago. He is a sweet, gentle soul who is very sturdy and goes with the flow. Originally from Kentucky where he was used as a therapy horse. He is risk adverse. His intentional thought process means safety for the rider. Blaze is very calm, steady, and sweet.


SPONSORED Trained at the age of 3. Bob is an old man in a young horse’s body. He goes with the flow. Very trustworthy. Very patient and willing. He loves to be brushed and scratched. He’s been the horse for a 3-year-old, an a 80-year old… and everyone in between.


Call or email to sponsor me Buddy is a 12-year-old Belgian/quarter horse cross. When he first arrived as a yearling, Buddy was wild. After lots of trust therapy, now Buddy is comfortable and bonds with people. Just as our residents learn to change their lives and trust others… so has Buddy. Advanced riders only. Buddy is a strong horse and requires a confident rider.


Call or email to sponsor me Dakota is a 10-year-old Appaloosa. Donated to Skyland Ranch by his original owner as he is 15 hands and more “high spirited” than his owner was comfortable working with. Our goal in adopting Dakota wasn’t to break his spirit, instead we worked with his strengths and added the discipline he needed to become a teaching horse. When Residents may be getting ahead of themselves, Dakota is a grounding presence to help the resident realize that there is still more to learn. Dakota is also a very good lead horse and loves the water!

Call or email to sponsor me Today Dolly is a ‘freight train’. Always clear about what she wants and enjoys the attention of a crowd. So much so, that she supports our community by working with another Belgian to pull our Skyland Ranch wagon during festivals and parades. It’s been great to watch her blossom from an orphaned baby that went from not trusting to a big girl that wants to crawl into your pocket. Dolly was a PMU rescue from Canada. What’s PMU? A specific hormone replacement therapy produces their drug from a hormone found within pregnant mare urine (PMU). Mare’s used in this process, are referred to as PMU’s.


Call or email to sponsor me A hodge podge of breeds, Enit was born and ran wild for the first 8 yrs of his life on a Washington Native American reservation. He is big and sturdy (15-hands tall) and was trained within a few months. He is easy going and willing to work with his rider – extra sweet when treats are involved. His confirmation is sound even though his hip looks a bit odd and folks think of him as a ‘flea-bitten grey’. We keep Enit because while he had a difficult injury, he continues to participate in whatever’s needed. He’s a great trail horse, looking for his rider.


SPONSORED May the fourth be with you. That’s right, Jedi was born May 4th. He is now a 9-year-old Quarter horse, standing 15 hands tall. He teaches humility and challenges our residents to think outside the box. He doesn’t like to be left alone to stand… as he prefers to keep moving. Jedi is an excellent training partner always looking for progress and growth for both he and his rider.


Call or email to sponsor me Lulu came to the ranch as a youngster.  Her original owner, who was partially paralyzed, is a dear friend of Skyland Ranch and she donated Lulu to join our group of four-legged therapists.  Lulu has learned to approach the mounting barrel so riders can easily get into the saddle.  Lulu is also sassy, worry-free, and extremely surefooted.  ANYONE can ride her, and she is a super easy keeper.  She has helped many residents get comfortable around horses and helped them to relax so they unlock who they are and what they can become.  As a Bashkir curly horse, she is also hypoallergenic which is a plus for folks who are allergic to horses.


KoJack was from a local farmer in Gold Bar, Washington.  A team member from the ranch purchased him and trained him to be a trail horse.  His owner moved on and KoJack stayed with us here at Skyland Ranch.  KoJack seems to adopt people into his personal fan club.  He is very confident.  Residents love his presence.  You can relax on him and he will take care of you.  He is solid… an emotional rock.  As a Percheron-cross he is big, standing at 16.2, super stout and handsome.  He helps with our trail rides and helps people really grow their confidence. 


Call or email to sponsor me Midnight was also with us earlier in life and the same young man that took Tess to Kentucky also gave Midnight a wonderful home.  Midnight rejoined us here at Skyland Ranch with Tess.  He is a character and super loving.  Which he shares with the Skyland Ranch residents that are receptive to it. 


Call or email to sponsor me Ransom was boarded at a place in Sultan, Washington. When his owner quit properly caring for him, the facility owner took over ownership. When the new owner needed to rehome Ransom, she asked her farrier if he knew of a good home. Knowing how amazing Ransom was and as the Skyland Ranch farrier, Ransom joined the Skyland Ranch crew. Ransom is an excellent horse for all types of riders as he has been trained to be more patient and forgiving to those that ride him.  This allows us to utilize Ransom for riders that may have leg control issues which provides those riders with the freedom of riding again.  While he is a big boy, 16.2 hands tall, this draft cross buckskin is a gentle giant. He is the sweetest boy and has the biggest heart.  Everyone who meets him and rides him falls in love.  He is one of the best!  Big, strong, and super dependable.


Call or email to sponsor me Tess came from a PMU farm in Canada.  A young ranch resident fell in love with Tess and moved her to a family farm in Kentucky that was being converted to help others that were struggling with drugs and alcohol.  When the farm changed direction, Tess joined our team here in Washington.


Call or email to sponsor me Originally Trapper came to Skyland Ranch for training. A resident fell in love and purchased him to use as his personal horse and worked him daily. Unable to take Trapper with him when he graduated, the resident gifted Trapper to the ranch to help future residents. Trapper is a good interactive teacher – patient, kind and willing. He’s a sounding board for many residents that needed a good listener. Very empathetic to people’s needs.


Call or email to sponsor me Tucker is not a fan of stumps. He was once tied to a rotten stump that came out of the ground and he thinks, chased him up a mountain. He’s ridden all of the main mountain trails and would do anything for his rider. Tucker has competed and has been the lead horse on many trail rides. Some consider him a flea-biten grey, hodge podge of breeds, but we see Tucker as the wonder horse. He runs the herd. He’s taken residents under his wing, especially when they need comforting. He’ll walk up and be present in your space waiting until you’re relaxed. People with walls-up tend to spook a horse our new residents feel comfortable walking around him. He doesn’t spook and leaves space for the rider.