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Gold Bar, WA 98251

David R Pitkin J.D.

Ranch Operations
Christine Pitkin

Counseling Services
Bill Kohlmeyer, M.S.W., C.D.S.

Douglas McKay, BS MBA

Horse Operations
K.C. Letterman

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Dave Pitkin, Sober attorney at law

I'm an attorney from San Diego, California. I've served on all sides of the courtroom aisle, as defense attorney, prosecutor, and judge pro tem. I've also served as a referee in the juvenile justice system. I've seen what works when it comes to turning lives around, and I've seen all too frequently what doesn't.

The Ranch works.

Whether it's because of its breathtaking scenery and its “back to the basics” to daily living, or the atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty that we take great care to foster, the Ranch has succeeded in helping men overcome their problems with drugs and alcohol even after countless other rehab programs failed.

Yet the Ranch is not a treatment center or school, at least not in the conventional sense. My wife (Christine, aka Puff) and I have completed the course of study required by the state of Washington for certification as Drug and Alcohol Counselors.

All six members of the support team, with the exception of Dave Pitkin, are men who came to the ranch as residents in the past. After acquiring the education required, they have returned to the ranch to help give back the miracles obtained in their lives. The knowledge they bring to the table is both immeasurable and invaluable. Bill Kohlmeyer, as a consultant to the ranch, is a specialist in anger management and is available to those who have issues in this area.

I'd love to tell you more. Just give me a call.
Dave "Pa" Pitkin
(360) 793-2611 or (425) 327-9458